Hydraulics – Learn by Play

In the “education” product line, the company fischertechnik offers the “Hydraulics” construction kit (item number 548896).

The 500 components contain a micro-hydraulic system, which consists, among other things, of 8 hydraulic cylinders and 4 control cylinders. With this scope, an excavator and 3 other models can be built in addition to a simple functional and illustrative model.

In this way, students from the 5th grade onwards are to be introduced to hydraulics in a playful way. Together with the didactic material that can be downloaded online, the key areas of the tuition include:

  • Learn how the flow behavior of liquids works
  • Understand their signal and force transmission by trying them out on the model yourself
  • Build in-depth knowledge through easy/medium/difficult models
  • Cooperation of students by group work in different roles

At a time when things is often solved with a servo motor without even thinking about an alternative solution, the micro-hydraulic construction kit is a welcome step in early STEM education.

Hydraulics construction kit