World’s smallest axial-piston-pump

Japan based Takako Industries which is a member of the KYB Group in Kyoto claims to produce the world’s smallest micro-hydraulic axial piston pump. The TFH-040 has a square shape of only 30x30mm is 70mm long and weights only 270g. The leigth weigth is achieved by usage of aluminum for the case.

The maximum working  pressure is stated to be 14MPa (140bar). The maximum input rotation speed is 2.000 rpm. 

The bi-directional rotation with good responsivness is ideal to be driven by servo motors. 

Sample applications are:

  • Contamination measuring equipment
  • Pump for valve switching controls
  • Mold switching equipment for formation machines
  • Power regeneration motors
  • Transportation equipment in factories
  • FA production lines: Hydraulic clamps, press fitting machines
  • Dressing grinders (motors)
  • Crimping/fitting presses

More information can be found on the manufacturers homepage: